We are looking for a compassionate, positive, and energized Health and Fitness coach to join our team!

Interested applicants should submit the following by email to Mark at info@rawkickboxing.com

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • References (at least 2)
  • Current Certifications and Credentials Held

Do you...

...have a strong desire to serve others through health and fitness coaching?

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional health and fitness coaching so that people can live their healthiest lives outside of our gym. It starts with building a personal relationship and finding the best ways to help.

...share our health and fitness coaching philosophy?

We believe in coaching sustainable habits for each individual; whether it’s nutrition, stress management, sleep or exercise, we want to help people find ways to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled for the long term.

...want the opportunity to grow as an intrapreneur?

This coaching position would start as part time with the potential to move to full-time. You will have the opportunity to have your own clients, provide private training and run programs that align with our ideals and serve the needs of our community. In doing so, your income is limited simply by your work ethic.

...represent our values and display healthy habits regularly?

Our clients look to us as examples, so we want to represent the behaviors/actions in which we value:

  • Experience Joy

  • Embrace Community

  • Be Consistent

Who We Are

We are a facility focused on coaching individuals in health + fitness in Coral Springs. We offer Individual Design, Personal Training, Teens Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing and Strength Training, in addition to nutrition coaching and various specialty courses.

"Our mission is to improve our members everyday lives outside of the gym through advancements in their health and fitness. Rooted in moral and ethical standards, we are a family oriented community with energetic and supportive coaches that ensure your goals are achieved."

We support our clients in living happy, healthy, and balanced lives, and we’re looking for the right Fitness Coach who shares our values to join our mission and help even more people!

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Interested applicants should submit the following by email to Mark at info@rawkickboxing.com

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • References
  • Current Certifications and Credentials Held

Job Summary

Position Title: Personal Trainer/Group Coach - Boxing, kickboxing and/or Strength and Conditioning, General Fitness

Contract Length: . 6 months

Wage: To be determined

Our team is ready to expand, and we’re looking to hire a motivated and inspiring Health and Fitness Coach who leads by example and practices positive self-care and healthy lifestyle habits to role model to the clients we work with. This person will be responsible for performing client consultations in a 1-on-1 in a private setting, coaching clients in both private and class settings, holistic program design (to include elements of sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress management), and to support various client goals, such as:

— adoption of healthy behaviors in exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management

— weight loss or gain

— athletic performance

— accountability

This person needs to be a motivated and effective worker who will treat Raw Kickboxing and Fitness like their own and will deliver exceptional value and results to our clients. The position will start off with a part-time, 6-month contract, with the potential for full-time. Upon successful completion of the 6-month contract, there will be an opportunity to expand into a permanent role based on proven performance and organizational growth.

Core Responsibilities

—Participate in 1-on-1 client consultation sessions in an engaging and supportive manner

—Complete initial assessments and program design, to include elements from our Four Core Pillars: Sleep, Eat, Move, and Manage

—Administrative tasks such as client communication (email, text, phone, etc)

—Some social media and video content development

—Outstanding communication skills (verbal, written, emotional intelligence)

Our "Must-Haves"

—A joyful, positive attitude

—A strong work ethic

—Consistent reliability to show up and perform all assigned tasks

—Must be available to work early mornings (5:00-9:00am) and some evenings

—Passion for coaching and helping others succeed

—Excellent active listening skills

—Ability to be self-directed and work with minimal supervision

—Excellent speaking, writing, and emotional intelligence skills

—A love for learning, continuing education, and self-improvement


Essential Education

—A basic Certification from a professional, recognized industry leader

  • ex: ACE, NASM, NCSF, ACSM, etc.

—One year of coaching experience

Provided Education Opportunities and Training

—We provide, at no charge, access to multiple Certifications to improve your fitness coaching experience

—We take all new hires through an extensive training process that is completely personalized to them

Working Conditions / Special Requirements

—Professional Health and Fitness facility in Coral Springs, Florida

Interested applicants should submit the following by email to info@rawkickboxing.com

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • References
  • Current Certifications and Credentials Held